In the fall of 2016, I called my parents and told them that I was quitting my job and moving home.

I was coming off the tail-end of a brief stint as a serial job hopper (7 jobs in 2 years to be exact) and I felt like I was going nowhere fast.

⁣⁣⁣⁣I’d gone to university straight out of high school with high hopes of getting a cushy 9 to 5 job but then somewhere in between my 3rd and 4th year I realized that I didn’t want that anymore.

So there I was, flailing and falling into adult life without any clear direction or understanding as to what the hell I wanted to do with my life.

A month after that call with my parents, my belongings were packed and I was moving back into my old bedroom in the basement. ⁣⁣⁣⁣
In that bedroom, I hung up a giant whiteboard that would then become my source of inspiration and idea planning for the beginning stages of The Storytellers Club.

I had no plan as to what ‘The Storytellers Club’ was going to be. All I knew, is that I was in love with storytelling.

I spent the majority of my childhood with my nose buried in books, I was a published poet by the time I was 12, I flew myself across the country to interview people in the fashion industry about the stories behind their creative pursuits and I won a national blogging contest by capturing the story of a major marketing campaign in a single photo.

I was a natural storyteller.

While I was exploring how I could make a living as a storyteller, I started watching live storytelling videos online from The Moth and loved the realness of people sharing their lived experiences.

This got me thinking about my own experience at social gatherings and how I never felt fulfilled by them. Often times, I was surrounded by people doing and saying things for the sake of self-preservation. The masks were on, the truth hidden behind. ⁣⁣⁣⁣

I longed for a social event where people talked about what really mattered and showed their true selves. I longed for a social event that made me feel fulfilled when I participated in it and when I left.

Nothing like that existed here, so I decided to create it. ⁣⁣

That was almost two years ago now. Since then, I’ve hosted 7 live storytelling shows and just sold out my first show in a new city.

This experience has completely changed the way I understand storytelling. In the world of business, I’ve gotten used to explaining it as a ‘communicative tool’ but it’s so much more than that.

I’ve witness storytelling transform the lives of the people by giving them an opportunity to have their voice heard. I’ve witnessed storytelling take a room full of strangers and connect them in profound ways. I’ve witnessed storytelling open the door to a world where everyone feels like they belong.

With this deep understanding for story, I’m embarking on a new chapter of my entrepreneurial journey where I help people like you elevate the way you communicate who you are and what you do so that you can empower the people you serve.

Learn more about the work I’m doing with The Storytellers Club.